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Carnauba Wax Polish

MAPLE Car Care proudly presents itself as a prominent Manufacturer of Car Wax polish. Our polishes have blend of Carnauba Wax, durable resins, polymers, silicones and quality polishing powders.. Car Polish manufactured by us gives Instant, Durable and High Gloss on buffing. Our car polish forms a protective layer after 24 hours of applying, which helps to protect the vehicle surface.

Tyre polish

Our Car Tyre Polish is based of premium silicones, solvents and is excellent for super darkening & shining of tyres, vinyl and rubber parts. Car TyrePolish is manufactured with ultra-advanced formula which increases life of tyre by preventing it from cracks as it lubricates rubber. Our Car Tyre Polish when used with care adds to the life of the tyres.

Air Freshner

Maple Auto Wash gel is a gentle vehicle wash concentrate that safly cleans. Special lubricants buffer your vechil's delicate paint finish protecting it from scratching and swril marks. Dirt and grit safly slip aweay. Suave Auto Wash gel codition and restores protection as you wash. Maple Auto Wash gel is optimized for use on modern clear coat finishes, crating new look appearance and protection every time you wash.

Waterless Car Wash (Dry Wash)

This product will actually leave the paint work beading after a wash even if your car has never seen a polish before. It also adds to the gloss of paints work too. This gives true power in maintaining a car and preserving a new look, protecting the paintwork and other areas that can't be reached, Maple Shampoo Paste also helps to protect the car from rust. It also helps to maintain shine, Sealants and factory applied sealied sealant through regular washing.

Car Shampoo

We are prominent manufacturer of various types of Car Shampoos as per client requirement. A thick highly concentrated, brown liquid shampoo, which features thick durable foam that lifts and holds dirt in suspension with film free rinsing action. Car shampoos manufactured by us are excellent in quality and best in prices.Our Car Wash Shampoo is known for intelligent cleaning without leaving any streaks or water spots.

Automobile Polish

Polishing gives your car natural shine and helps to protect the paint from harsh environment. When polish applied it forms an thin transparent layer over the car paint. This layer covers minor scratches and other damages, making them less visible.The polish also seals the paint, preventing water from contacting the bare metal exposed in deep chips and scratches, slowing down the corrosion process. Polishing automotive paint become an art form, utilizing buffing tools.


MAPLE Car Care proudly presents itself as a prominent Manufacturer & Supplier of high quality Rubbing Compound. Our Rubbing Compound is ideal for fixing scratches on cars or motorcycles. It is the most effective and dual power (Clean & Shine) rubbing compound for compounding painted surface. Our Rubbing Compound can be applied for smooth & hard rubbing. At Rubbing Compound, any kind of grade is made available as per the specific demand of the customer.

Glass & Windshield Shampoo

MAPLE Car Care is prminent manufacturer and supplier of Mpale Liquid Glass Windshield Cleaner. Glass and Windshield Cleaner is specially manufactured to clean automotive glass. It will give effortless cleaning to remove water spots, bug remains, dirt or any other very stubborn residue. It can be poured in windshield water storage tank of the vehicle by which it will give clear and crisp windshield on cleaning.

Dash Board Polish

Dashboard Polish manufacturerd in MAPLE Car Care is specially formulated product for applying in interiors of car. This will give new like smooth shine giving gentle feeling to dashboard and interior of car. It consist dual power agents which will give shine as well as cleaning. Its aroma / perfume is specially selected and added to give royal feeling while sitting in car.

Bike Silicone Polish

MAPLE Car Care Silicone polish is specially formulated with high quality premium grade silicone oils.This is specifically manufactured for polishing every part of automotive vehicles.This will give instant and durable long lasting shine to chrome, rubber, leather, tyres etc.

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